Monday, July 11, 2011


yo~ I though I should write about how my Nipponcon went, since I never did it. Actually despite being small and having a huge deficit in helpers it was pretty nice. I might complain while doing something stressful, but I always look back at such things, even exams, with a smile in the end.

The picture to the left was taken by Rose ( when I was helping out for the cosplay contest, since there was enough stress with other things and no one had time for it. The worst part was after getting some other people to be judges with me, we found out that we had only two participants, so I went to chase for some. In the end it was fun. My favourite was the GUMI cosplayer who did a dance to Matryoshka so perfectly that I had goosebumps *w* Girl, you deserved to be one of the winners. I think the 3 of us gave her the max points in performance part. By the way, the other two judges were really amazing Balthier and Fran cosplayers! I forgot to take a picture though UU'
I also liked the location~
My performance was.... well.... without high pitches ~___~" and I was already so tired after running around for cosplay contest and it was pretty hot and damp I was barely moving on the stage ^^' I intended to give a performance full of energy not a half-dead one... lol, oh well.
I'm still waiting for the videos to arrive, but if I'm going to upload anything of that disaster(if I'm allowed to) then it's going to be "I wish..." and "Cutey Honey" they sound well enough even though I lost my high pitch part of voice for being ill.
What made me very happy through the entire convention were all the people who complemented my Mami costume *___* I was so happy that I stressed with my mom all over it~
I wasn't there to watch DCM since I was so upset after my performance, I got the cam from Maz and went to a quiet corner and watched it, I really wanted to know how badly I messed up. Well, except for the already mentioned part it wasn't half that bad. I calmed down a little. You know, it sucks that you lose your voice at a convention that actually invited and paid your train tickets Q___Q'

I hope I didn't annoy the cafe maids that much with always barging in and making myself tea ^^'

I think that's it.

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