Thursday, August 11, 2011

Progress before vacation, Gwendolyn

so~ I probably won't be writing a report an Animagic here, since I've written one here, albeit in german.
Anyway, I've been working on my only new Connichi cosplay: Gwendolyn.
Right now the only part missing is the corset/top. I won't take pictures of anything else but skirt, since the wig was bought off in 2008 and isn't up-to-date quality, so I don't want to damage it more before the convention, same goes for feathers that go frizzy lightning fast.
The spear was made back in 2008 and is still the only weapon I've ever been proud of >>' I just suck. I need to cosplay Zidane next year so that I have an excuse to finish the Mage Mashers.
The ring was bought.... I don't remember but seems like a while ago, you see this is one of those costumes I've been planning to do quite a while so I collected stuff/fabric for it.
By the way, here is my Otometwin costume page on Animexx. You'll find pictures of the end product there ;D

Cosday was kind of short and not really satisfying, but well, I was there only on Sunday. After this I however decided that Animagic is just simply more worth to me to go than Cosday. The latter isn't bad, but I just can't help but still like Animagic. I hope they'll solve the problems with trash/walls soon QOQ' I just had this much more fun there... And they had Daijoubu >D That alone is redeeming point enough for a fangirl like me. I just wish they could invite a cool music act. I mean Connichi had OLIVIA last year and they have May'n this year, darn I wish I had a Connichi Saturday ticket QOQ' SHERYL-SAMAAAAAAAAAA~
3 years ago Animagic had Kitade Nana for guest, that was awesome.
Apropos, you guys probably noticed I registred my hompage at Cosblog, wow I'm in Top100 O___O" I guess I'vee have to update my homepage before I leave...

By the way, mom was hiccuping so she just couldn't hold the camera straight >>" And I didn't notice it didn't lay straight in the back, but oh well, you generally see what it looks like.... this skirt makes me look like a giant OO"

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