Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back from Animagic

I'm back from Animagic and a bit dead on my feet. The weather was a killer.
Starting with report now~ IT IS VERY LONG!  


We were able to get everyone from the group together to go to the pension. I was also able to finish my spontaneous Morgiana costume there. All I had to do is finish painting her household vessel and glue the gems on. All in all it went well, we ate together and went to bed.  


As I was performing on outdoor stage on Friday already, I decided to get to Animagic at time for the ticket booth to open. So I had to get there alone and wake up early. I managed to get there 30 minutes early, but as the weather was still decent it was alright. First of all, my armband was missing. Q___Q; At Animagic, unlike quite a few other events, the tickets are given in form of a armband. The information sheet with me was missing too, but luckily for me, the people at the booth already knew, that I had performed last year already >w< My ticket simply got misplaced, phew.

I went to find all the people responsible for me to greet them~ After that I sat down to wait for my friends to arrive since, my performance was at 2 p.m. I've met a dutch Llyod cosplayer and took some pictures of the cosplayers who also got up early and unlike me had to wait in queue to get their tickets. (Apparently I was the first showact to arrive as well O_O) I've also learnt that the state of the lane was not the fault of the Animagic organization. The circus that used the lane before left it in such a state. Apparently the complaints of the visitors were already anticipated...


 I went to find my friends waiting in the queue (on photo Ichi and NatsuKita) and we hung out together some, until my performance, which was a bit weird. I think technically the singing part went well, but my mood was taking a vacation and since filling one hour is hard, I was talking I don't even remember what to amuse the audience. The weather was quite bad, it had rained almost through the entire performance. BUT! I got asked for an encore for the first time *_____* Also, great thanks to the technician, who listened to my selfish wish to sing a song I originally did not send Q///Q. I have a feeling that for my next performance I ought to cosplay Sasshi from AKB0048 rather than Acchan as I did for my Sunday performance. The amount of self-bashing I do is comparable.


Later we left for the bank of Rhein to take some picture and just generally relax, since we had nothing to see on Friday. We met a girl, who also took part in the DCM preliminary at Cosday (As Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki). She (Kurii) was cosplaying as Asuna/Titania from Sword Art Online (see photo). She and her friends also joined us and we spent the rest of the day goofing around and taking pictures ^____^

At the very top are some photos from Friday morning right after the opening of the ticket booth (not many people inside yet). Sadly I did not really go inside of the building except to go to greet the person responsible for showacts and then later to buy emergency eyelash glue from MyCostumes booth for NatsuKita.



On Saturday I could sleep in, yay ^___^ originally I planned to watch Ikimasho, since they were performing D.Gray-man, but sadly I ended up looking for people who weren't there from whom I had bought something or had to give them something myself, so I missed the performance. I've heard they were quite good though ^___^. For that I got a few good photos as Morgiana (photo by Flick-Flax). Yes, sadly quite a few members of our Idolm@ster cosplay group could not finish their costumes on time, so when I had noticed that, yeah.... probably no one will have the costumes complete, too little time, I decided to sew something spontaneous (other choices were Manatsu no Sounds Good Acchan and white dress Inori), it ended up Morgiana. The Idolm@ster group, by the way, will now take place at Connichi.

Later, when we were all back together and NatsuKita and Ichi came back from watching Ikimasho, we went to take some pictures, especially of NatsuKita, who was wearing her Sakura Hime costume she had made for Polymanga, but still had no photos of. After that I wanted to go eat something, I was so hungry QQ. But as we realized that the outdoor performance of Ongaku no kara was starting NatsuKita and Ichi, who weren't very hungry stayed behind. Beatrice, her brother(not registered on any community site as far as I know) and I went to look for food. We still managed to come back in time to catch the second half of the performance ^__^. Please check them out on Youtube, they're amazing.


Afterwards I had left to check out the merchandise room. Luckily for me I was actually able to move around there. I appears most people, just like me, checked out the merchandise they planned to buy on Sunday. Sometime after that I had lost NatsuKita and Ichi Q___Q But I've found them again ^__^ I ended up randomly waiting in like to get an autograph from Hideo Baba, the producer of the Tales of ...-video game series (photo by Prototype). He's a very cool and nice person. I've met a few people I know in the waiting line ^^. Our group stayed to listen to Shiroku's outdoor performance, but we were outside of fence together with Beatrice and her brother.

 Later then we picked up Atsusa and Ani-sama and went to Pizza Hut to eat together ^__^ it was quite fun, despite still being so horribly hot Q__Q  



My mood dropped radically for Sunday for some personal reasons, but I'm so happy that everyone cheered me up Q___Q; Most of the time I was running around as a half-Acchan, without the wig, since it was still so terribly hot and as I had mentioned, the wig dyes off when I sweat. In the morning, NatsuKita and I had gone to watch Daijoubu's new show centered around Wedding Peach. We've also met Atsusa and Ani-sama. The show was as amazing as ever.

Then I quickly ran off to buy myself an M-sized Worbla roll and the Mawaru Penguindrum Artbook in the merchandise hall, which was full, since everyone left their purchasing until the last day, and then it was time to change shifts. Out luggage was parked on the lane, so someone always had to stay and watch over it. Thanks to Beatrice, who was able to pick up the wig head I had bought from katrinkleeblatt.

Then it was quite soon time for me to perform again, so put my Acchan wig on and left for the soundcheck. This time the performance went even better, probably because it also was a more suitable time (30 minutes long) for me, where I did not have to fill the space of an entire hour with who knows what. Some people don't know, but I have trouble remembering the lyrics for a 1 hour performance, so the number of songs is less than possible for that performances and I end up filling them with silly talk I don't remember afterwards... I'll probably start applying for 30 minutes performances from now on again. Sadly 1 hour applications are more likely to be accepted, which was the reason why I had started doing that in the first place Q___Q; I ended up feeling very content with myself this time ^_^ The next performance will be at AniWest, by the way.

Then it was again time to change shifts. I could not listen to Aoi Eir outdoor concert (I had missed the indoor concert on Saturday QQ), but I was able to listen to her soundcheck. She has quite a good voice, please check her out~! Then we already had to leave for the train~

Final words

Generally once again a great impression of Animagic once again this year.
Thank you for letting me perform again!
I sadly have the impression of not being able to see a lot of the con Q_Q; (missed Ikimasho and Aoi Eir, some panels I wanted to see) I'll try to plan more freely next year.

Until next year~

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