Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello everyone!
Last weekend I was in Frankfurt at Cosday ^^ Be prepared for a long looking short review ^^

It was super busy for me, but I’ve had a lot of fun. I arrived on Friday and finished my Acchan costume… only to notice how wrong everything was and become slightly annoyed at myself. But then I decided, that ‘what the heck, it doesn’t matter anyway’. So on Saturday morning I’ve learnt that I can participate in this DCM (German Cosplay Championship) preliminary round and I was happy ^^ I’ve met a lot of nice people and it was just the right atmosphere with the participants waiting in line, even though I was starving since I’ve had to wake up at 6 a.m., but for certain reasons was half awake at 4 a.m already and I only had an apple and after that I was in line for the costume judgement. NatsuKita has also participated, here’s a fun shot of her and Beatrice ^^.

Being one of the last entry numbers I couldn’t see any skit Q_Q But I watched them on the official DCMCosplay-Youtube Channel.
After that, I’ve quickly changed into my Shiemi costume and had some fun with Yamane, who cosplayed as Rin ^////^ (photo taken by Blacky_kun). I was happy to cosplay with her again. Sadly as DCM takes a lot of time, you barely meet anyone aside from other participants, but I still saw a lot of people ^^. The winners of the preliminary round were all amazing. I think despite not qualifying I’ve had a lot more fun than the Animuc preliminary. I’ve also learnt, that I best just sew my costumes and not choose of for a preliminary specifically since I can never choose properly on time anyway.
Here is a small photo of the winners. Not all of them were wearing the costume for the announcement, but you can check them out more here.

Sunday was about as hectic, since I was performing as a showact. The soundcheck went well, but something went off during the performance at NewStage after the middle, but I think the technicians, or rather the people at the sound tables and all the other complicated settings, winged it well ^^, so the next part went well.

I was also allowed to perform on PublicStage and had some nice audience (photo by Sim-Cam). The acoustics were awesome and it seems I was able to captivate the audience more ^___^ But it was terribly hot Q___Q I felt dead after two songs on the NewStage and opted to stand in front of the mic without jumping around >___<; and after one song on PublicStage, I’m sorry. Still, I’m glad that some people have enjoyed it.

I also was able too meet some of the EuroCosplay participants, but I wasn’t able to see the performances either Q___Q;. Check out the second German EuroCosplay representative here.
Now, after my personal experiences, I want to mention some general parts of Cosday. Of course ever present were the games’ room, the karaoke, the merchandise hall, the bring&buy, the cosplay&lolita related booths, three different stages, the normal cosplay contest and the 2 preliminaries mentioned above, oh, and a wonderful maid-cafe. Most surprising however was however a booth, where you could rent a costume as well as a make-up booth, where you could have an artist put make-up on you ^^.
In general, I have a very positive impression, although I could not check every single place out.
The staff were amazing, thank you for such a wonderful convention ^__^

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